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Phenomenological Approach

During my studies at Middlesex University, I have greatly shaped myself as a performer. My acting style has evolved from my love of life and philosophy. I am currently developing a phenomenological approach to acting, which focuses on the lived experience, senses and consciousness. My main points of reference in this area are Phillip Zarilli (Toward a Phenomenological Approach to Acting (2019), Psychophysical Acting: An Intercultural Approach After Stanislavski (2008)), Jerzy Grotowski, as well as Maurice Merleau-Ponti.  The idea of the phenomenological approach is general and abstract and it can be translated into many different mindsets and emotional states. The main practices I incorporate are yoga, meditation, pranayama, kalaripayattu and tai chi. I believe life should be "mastered" before it is imitated, and for me these are the tools that predominantly help.

Another one of my influences is archetypes. I have always been reading about psychology and Carl G. Jung was my go-to on the topic but it wasn't until I started reading about archetypes in women (Goddesses in Everywoman (1984) by Jean Shinoda Bolen) that I started to learn more about myself and my thought patterns. We can only appear to be someone else by having a different inner monologue. This framework helps me outline the character's mindset and from then on fill in the details with specifics. Different archetypes bring forth different mental images in my head which help me formulise this inner monologue.

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