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About Me

    My name is Ralitsa Nikolova and I am a Bulgarian actress and model based in London, UK. I graduated BA in Drama and Performance from the University of Portsmouth in 2020, after which I moved to London and for a year and a half I was hiding from Covid. In 2022 I started my MA in Theatre Arts at Middlesex University. Even though I am still in education I feel like I've grown a lot during my master's as a professional. 

    Currently, I work as a dance teacher at the British School of Rock, and I am also a dance and drama teacher at Stagecoach Isleworth, where I am an admin as well. On the side, I teach English to Bulgarians in London.

    Prior to coming to the UK I was in English Language Middle School "Geo Milev" Burgas, Bulgaria, where I studied English vigorously. I always knew I wanted to act so I made acting my life. No, I don't mean to say that I was lying to everyone, instead I was mastering my emotions and my views on life. I learned how to discipline myself and train my mind to think whatever I wanted it to.

    I have always been super artistic and have never stopped adapting new hobbies and learning new skills from sports to philosophy and psychology to musical instruments. I have always been proactive and creative because if I'm now, life can get pretty boring. 

    My motto is "Fake it till you make it" and that helps me a lot in life as well as in my career. It reminds me that we as humans are meant to change and evolve and that might not always be easy, but it's never impossible.

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